Nile Techno programs work online and offline, and you can link between
more than one branch at the same time
An easy-to-use program that conforms to the highest international professional accounting standards. Simply, establishments can increase their profits, compress their costs, and better manage the entire business in the shortest time and at the lowest cost..
Nile Techno programs are characterized by the use of the most powerful technological
techniques in accounts and auditing

About Nile Techno

Nile Techno Program

Create Easy Client-Server And Web-Based Software that helps small and mid-sized business improve thier overflow, so that save your time and make more money.

  • Company Vision

    To be the first provider of software solutions in various fields in the Middle East.

  • Providing its customers with world-class software technology that optimizes processes and procedures, increases productivity and maintains customer satisfaction.

  • It is one of the global programs Leading in corporate management support and development With programs for more than ten years. And during this period we did Building deep concepts of the sizes and types of needs that different businesses require. And using In this spirit, we have started and continuously to develop our products and services to suit the needs of customers About Arab countries


E invoice

Full support for E invoice System

A complete application of all terms and requirements of the first phase of the electronic invoice as a service provider that supports the electronic tax invoice in accordance with the instructions of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Terms and requirements of the first phase of the electronic invoice

    Based on the Authority’s decisions, the first phase will be officially effective starting from December 4, 2021, as the following is required for all real estate establishments and taxable owners

    Using an electronic invoicing system to issue and keep electronic tax invoices through it.

    Ensure that all tax invoice components are present

    Generate QR Codes according to technical conditions issued by the authority to invoice solution providers, as it guarantees:

    QR Code Encryption

    The code is decrypted by scanning it in the official application of the authority

    When scanning the code, the following data is read:
    Seller’s name – Seller’s tax number – Invoice date – Total invoice (with tax) – Tax amount


Nile Techno Services

Know More About Services

Follow up the balances of the items  

Directory of accounts and cost centers  

Checks,Restrictions and Assets Mediol  

Extracting daily, weekly and yearly reports  

Puplic Accounts

Follow up the balances of the items  

Easy inventory,print barcodes to items  

Specific powers for each cashier  

Extracting all daily sales and profit reports  

SuperMarket and POS

Management Take away, Tables,purchase  

Order delivery and Sales management  

Management Items combination, thier cost  

Extracting all daily sales and profit reports  

Restaurant and Café

Follow-up all stores, cars, delegates  

Follow up delegates Traffic lines  

Follow-up item bills, discounts,blalnce  

Full availability of checks and their reports  

Commercial Agencies

Follow-up of all stores and item balances  

Follow up customer and supplier accounts  

Support for barcode printing for items  

Extract reports balances and profit  

Store Management

Make combination,link it with Customers  

Exchange and Addition from stores  

Follow-up of warehouse balances, products  

Extract reports with cost of final product  

Factories Systems

Register all employees with all their data  

Preparing shifts and the nature of work  

Absence and Attendance Using Fingerprint  

Automatic salary calculation,Extract reports  

Human Resource

Registration of cars, customers, Suppliers  

Issuing invoices to customers and suppliers  

Follow up the movements of auto parts  

Extracting all daily and monthly reports  

Cars Stores

Registration of trucks, drivers, transport  

Issuing invoices to customers and suppliers  

Follow up the daily movements of trucks  

Extracting all daily and monthly reports  

Transport and Export

Registering customers and delegates  

Issuing work orders for delegates  

Follow-up of periodic dates and prices  

Extracting reports for clients, delegates  

Filters Shops

Registration items with their caliber  

Printing a barcode for each item  

Record the start balance of the period  

Special screen to adjust all prices Daily  

Jewelry stores

Easy Booking Process  

Easy Management  

Easy Search Option  

Choose styling and images  

Reservation Systems

Nile Techno Mobile Application Solutions

Sales Rep

Sales Rep

Application Description

Mobile Application That Follow up on everything related to sales representatives and Create invoices with details , Add items to an order Supports multiple languages,Location based See nearby customers and print account statements

Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale

Application Description

Mobile Application That Create sell invoices online and online with details in addition to Set up new stores quickly and easily with just an internet connection. Then use your Point of Sale everywhere, anytime. it will stay operational even after complete disconnection.



Application Description

Mobile Application That Managed Your Restaurant, Push Notification to Easier fulfillment of internal requests, Make a reservation operations with an Easy Menu Access and In-app, online ordering and mobile payments

Medical Rep

Medical Rep

Application Description

Mobile Application That Created to help Medical Sales Professional , help the medical representatives to improve their product knowledge on-the-go and save them time in client meetings. Follow up Doctor's Visits and Send details to Management

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